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KRAN - K.R.A.N (Gateway Music, 2009)

KRAN (band)

Tomasz Licak - tenor saxophone
Marek Kądziela - guitar
Richard Andersson - bass
Kasper Tom Christiansen - drums

K.R.A.N. (Gateway Music, 2009)

One of more interesting mainstream debuts of this year, "Quintet", by a band led by saxophonist Tomasz Licak and pianist Artur Tuźnik moved me to check for earlier recordings by this saxophonist. And I found this one: released 2 years ago with  guitarist Marek Kądziela and Scandinavian rhythm section consisting of Richard Andersson on bass and Kasper Tom Christiansen on drums. All these musicians are connected to Danish Musical Academy in Odense and are concerting in Denmark, Germany and Poland. Musically speaking this album is verging between between bop and cool jazz aesthetics and it stands out for high level of craftsmanship as displayed by these young instrumentalists.

Sample of music:

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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