Sunday, February 12, 2012

Zbigniew Namyslowski – The Last Concert (Polonia, 1992)

Zbigniew Namysłowski - flute, sax

Zbigniew Wegehaupt - bass
Maciej Strzelczyk - violin (5, 6)
Janusz Skowron - piano
Cezary Konrad - drums

The Last Concert (Polonia, 1992)

(Editor) Recorded „live” at The Jazz Jamboree, Warsaw, 24. October 1991

This is a brilliant album by veteran Polish saxophonist / composer Zbigniew Namyslowski, one of the pillars of modern Jazz in his country. A superb player and a gifted composer, Namyslowski first as a member of the Krzysztof Komeda's group and later as a leader of his numerous ensembles created excellent music and served as a model to generations of Jazz players in his country. This album, one of very few live recordings by Namyslowski, was captured at Warsaw's Jazz Jamboree festival and features one of the strongest quartets Namyslowski ever led, with pianist Janusz Skowron, bassist Zbigniew Wegehaupt and drummer Cezary Konrad. Violinist Maciej Strzelczyk joins the quartet on a couple of tunes. All seven compositions performed are by Namyslowski and portray his wonderful sense of melody, polyrhythmic approach and tendency to incorporate World Music elements in his music. Two of the tracks are over 10 minutes long, which allows plenty of space for extensive improvisations. I have no idea why this album is entitled "The Last Concert" (perhaps this was the last concert with this particular quartet?), as this certainly wasn't Namyslowski's last live performance and he's still playing brilliantly twenty years later, to the delight to his many admirers and fans, as well as writing great music. For lovers of Polish Jazz, this is an absolute classic, which should be a part of any decent Jazz collection. Highly recommended!

Track List: 1. Total Incompetence; 2. Half Done Chicken; 3. Samba Under Control; 4. Something to Sing; 5. Five in One; 6.What's in Yemikoy; 7. Samba Przestawianka

By Adam Baruch

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