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Quantum Trio – Duality (Particles & Waves) (2017)

Quantum Trio (Particles & Waves)
Michał Jan Ciesielski - tenor & soprano ssaxophones
Kamil Zawiślak - piano, rhodes, keyboards
Luis Mora Matus - drums
Juliana Martina - vocals


NGM 0001

By Adam Baruch

This is the second album by Quantum Trio, which consists of Polish saxophonist Michał Jan Ciesielski, keyboardist Kamil Zawiślak and Chilean drummer Luis Mora Matus. The double CD album presents fifteen original compositions, nine composed or co-composed by Ciesielski, three by Zawiślak and nine by Matus.

Musically the album continues from where the debut left off, presenting a series of excellent melodic compositions, executed with vigor and obvious technical proficiency. The lack of bass does not hinder the trio's Swing and ability to use odd meters and switch tempi unpredictably, which of course is great fun to listen to. The music is more extrovert and expressive than on the debut, but the basic concept is still there, this time significantly developed and expanded. The use of overdubs on some tracks creates a much denser and complex overall aural effect, also expanding upon the basic concept of the trio.

Although the music is beautifully executed, it is the superb compositions that turn this album into a first class musical experience. Full of great harmonies and lyrical melody lines the music is captivating and flows with a remarkable coherence and elegance. The World Music motifs are much more significant on this album, and they again add a completely new dimension to the music, enabling the exploration of new sonic vistas.

Overall this is a great album, which can be enjoyed by a wide range of listeners, including even those who do not listen to Jazz on a regular basis, as it encompasses many universal musical devices, sub-consciously understandable to a wide range of music loving listeners. It takes several listening sessions to explore the full depth of this impressive and large volume of music that this album offers, but the effort is certainly highly rewarding. It is great to see that the trio is able to pass the "second album" trial with flying colors, and of course they join the list of ensembles on the "worth following" list with distinction. Well done indeed!

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