Monday, May 4, 2020

Jarek Bothur Trio - Night Walks (2020)

Jarek Bothur Trio

Jarek Bothur - tenor saxophone
Michał Jaros - double bass
Krzysztof Dziedzic - drums

Night Walks


By Adam Baruch

This is the second album as a leader by Polish Jazz saxophonist/composer Jarek Bothur recorded in a trio setting with bassist Michał Jaros and drummer Krzysztof Dziedzic. The album presents six original compositions, all by Bothur. The total playing time for this album is under thirty minutes, so it is an EP rather than a full CD.

The entire approach of the album, stylistically, musically and sound wise is greatly surprising and travels back in time some three decades to the heyday of Polish Yass, characterized by a Punkish straightforwardness, "quick and dirty" sound and relative lack of sophistication, but highly emotional expressionism. Having said all this I find this album really fresh and direct, somewhat like a friendly slap in the face, which is extremely effective. Perhaps this is (as Yass was) a sign of rejection of the over-sophistication some of the contemporary Polish Jazz is suffering from.

The music is all well put together and excellently executed, as expected, with focus on Bothur's soloing. The rhythm section supports him amicably, keeping an energetic flow for the entire duration. Overall this is a surprising, highly emotional piece of music, which is a great listening experience, bringing Jazz to the very basic, almost animalistic elements, which have almost completely disappeared over time. Definitely a fresh breath of air!

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