Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Patryk Lewi Quintet - Logosonus (2021)

Patryk Lewi Quintet

Patryk Lewi - guitar
Michał Borowski - saxophone
Paweł Odoszewski - keyboards
Bartosz Łazarski - bass
Kacper Majewski - drums



By Adam Baruch

This is the debut album by Polish Jazz guitarist/composer Patryk Lewi, recorded in a quintet setting with saxophonist Michał Borowski, keyboardist Paweł Odoszewski, bassist Bartosz Łazarski and drummer Kacper Majewski. The album presents seven tracks, all original compositions by Lewi.

The music is contemporary Fusion, based on highly melodic themes, which offer some irregular rhythmic complexity and typical Polish melancholic vistas, which develop very slowly and sometimes hesitantly, but overall coherently and pleasant on the ear. There is definitely very little risk-taking or breaking of new ground, but the music flows smoothly from one tune to the next and offers a relaxed listening experience.

Lewi suffers from a slight Pet Metheny poisoning, but has a nice sound and uses plenty of synthesized effects, which make things a bit more diversified. The rest of the crew plays along amicably, supporting the leader without trying to steal the show. The saxophone parts are somewhat weary and the group would have sounded better as a quartet, where the keyboardist could have shown more of his ability, but that is just my personal point of view. Overall a solid debut, with plenty of potential, but Lewi definitely needs a few more years to polish his armor. For fusion and guitar freaks this is worth checking out.

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