Saturday, March 20, 2010

Contemporary Noise Sextet - Unaffected Thought Flow (2008)

I already wrote about this band on occasion of their previous recording Pig in Gentleman. This time they changed format a little adding to the previous quintet of musicians (Kuba Kapsa - p, Tomasz Glazik - sx, Wojtek Jachna -tr, Paweł Urowski - b, Bartek Kapsa - dr) Kamil Pater (g). He already appeared on PIG but now plays CNS on permanent addition. He is excellent player who was part of famous progressive rock band  called Ecstasy Project and recorded Dziki Jazz last year, the album regarded by many as one of the most important ventures in the field of mainstream, avant-garde and free jazz in Poland.

Although many fans of CNS were afraid whether they will be able to keep the standard they attained in their first album this band proves by this issue that they are able to deliver high quality and creative jazz on regular basis. This album not only continues good job they started in PIG but they even pushed the whole further including into their music idiom not only jazz and film music but also rock, drum&bass or trip hop. This is exactly a mixture you would like to hear while being in some good club with nice and intelligent girlfriend on Saturday evening in one of big european cities. Cool and sexy stuff from Poland, definitely not to be missed!!!

By Maciej Nowotny

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