Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Trio - Simultaneous Abstractions (2010)

This album prolongates the streak of excellent new recordings of this year and to no surprise. Because 2/3 of New Trio that is Jan Smoczyński (Hammond) and Mateusz Smoczyński (violin) though still young are well known and active on Polish scene since years ago. This year only I noted their presence on Jerzy Malek "Bop Beat" and Jarosław Śmietana "Tribute to Zbigniew Seifert". They both distinguished themselves on these recordings and I waited impatiently for their project on their own and I am not disappointed at all. 
What strikes me in this album is that artists strived for perfection in every detail not only in music itself. The CD cover is real piece of art: simple, red lines, slightly protuberant, become curved, as become graphic representations of sound in amplifiers, and they form human profile. Stunning! As astonishing is level of recording though less surprising since album was recorded in Tokarnia Studio, located in Nieporęt close to Warsaw, which was created by Jan Smoczyński and which since 2006 earned in Poland the reputation somewhat similar to Blue Note's Van Gelder studio. 
As for music on this album it is also truly exceptional: unusual choice of instruments in this trio (Hammond-violin-drums) make it very unique and the level of musicianship is extraordinary. The credit for this success shall go not only to Smoczyński brothers but also to Alex Zinger - top young Russian percussionist - who secure exact and steady propulsion for this trio. The inspiration for these muscians is music of John Coltrane whose Naima is the only standard present on this album among nine originals. The compositions are very sophisticated, intellectual and intricate which paired with fusion-like style of hammond, violin and Coltrane's spirit of avan-garde make this CD a real vamp. 
From 9.04.2010 to 8.05.2010 musicians planned to give 20 concerts throughout Poland to promote this album. They intent to issue LIVE version of album after this extensive tour and what I want to tell is simple: this would be MUST HAVE record for me. While waiting impatiently for it let me present to you a sample of music from this band: 

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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