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Robert Kusiołek - Nuntium (2011) by Maciej Nowotny

Of all kinds of avantgarde, minimalistic approach appeals to me the least, but this album proves that with great music even such a skeptic as I am could be convinced. The main actor on this recording is silence: all sounds produced by musicians are only intended to underline silence inner energy and its power to transcend. I remember from school Latin proverb: "Ne nuntium necare" which translates into English "Don't kill messanger". Therefore I assume that title of the album points out towards musicians and message they want to deliver to audience. Let me then ask: who are those modern era "jazz messengers"?
Robert Kusiołek was up-to-this-moment a figure completely unknown to me: he graduated from Poznań Music Academy and is now studying in Hannover Music Scholl in prof. Elsbeth Moser class. He is accordionist and composer focused mostly on modern chamber music but on this album his musical ideas do fit very well with those of avantgarde jazz. The latter are represented by Wójcinski, the double bass player, who is one of the the brightest stars on Polish free jazz scene, collaborating already with Wacław Zimpel or  Mikołaj Trzaska, and Klaus Kugel, a German drummer whose filigree and delicate style is perfect complement for general mood of this music. Finally on violin Bulgarian Anton Sjarov appears, who is young musician with excellent classical music background, but open to experimental music whose play saturates music on this album with the sound of utmost refine and beauty.
Summarizing, this is deep and challenging album containing highly original jazz message from great players indeed. Essential position in Polish jazz catalogue of year 2011 and perhaps one of first contenders for album of the year title.
Let me also add that it is another great issue from Multikulti after last year "Hera" and "Passion" which makes them one of the most significant labels in Polish jazz along with Not Two Records.


Author: Maciej Nowotny

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