Sunday, March 13, 2011

Marcin Masecki - John (2010)

Up to this point I knew little about Marcin Maseckl and though I previously listened to his last album "Bob" it somehow did not catch with me. But with this record it turned out to be differently, I overcame initial objections and once started to dig deeper full impact of music got me. Certainly Masecki solo piano efforts (aforementioned “Bob" and this record) are not easy to digest. In terms of musical temperament he may be compared to such great pianists of the past as Thelonius Monk, Cecil Teylor or Cedar Walton. He is constantly experimenting, searching for novelty, for yet unexploited sounds and harmonies. 
He is especially active in modyfying piano which sounds at times like children instrument (check record Małe Instrumenty “Grają Chopina" for similar attitude) or some out of tune instrument covered with many years dust stashed in corner of old attic. Tunes are also something between child chaotic and mindless thumping on keyboard and the type of refinement and skills that can be only ascribed to an accomplished pianist with strong classical eduction. Strange as it sounds it's all true and shows that Masecki voice is highly original and that his path, entirely his own, may lead him in future to even better things.
For the time being apart from this solo piano avantgarde efforts, he plays in excellent ParisTetris avantpop group and he also is planning for spring issue of new albums with his newly established jazz sextet Projesjonalizm and also another solo piano with Bach's “Kunst Der Fuge”. Speaking shortly, certainlny Masecki is one of the most interesting young artists on Polish jazz scene and this is the album not to be missed. Check first how he plays Bach and then how he sounds on this album: stunning indeed!!!

By Maciej Nowotny

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