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Maciej Fortuna Quartet - Lost Keys (2010) by Adam Baruch

Maciej Fortuna Quartet
Maciej Fortuna - trumpet
Przemysław Raminiak - piano
Andrzej Święs - doublebass
Frank Parker - drums

Adam Baruch's (check chis music boutique www.jazzis.com) review of this successful project by Maciej Fortuna, one of the most talented young trumpeters in Polish jazz...

This is the debut album as a leader by Polish Jazz trumpeter Maciej Fortuna, recorded with his quartet, which comprises of pianist Przemyslaw Raminiak, bassist Andrzej Swies and American drummer Frank Parker. Fortuna has been one of the recognized talents on the local Jazz scene for a few years and this recording serves as the "formal" act of entering the major league of Polish Jazz musicians. The quartet performs nine original compositions, seven of which are credited to all four band members; of the two remaining one is by the pianist and the other by the bassist. The music fits perfectly the modern Jazz mainstream, but is very interesting and aesthetic, with beautiful melodic themes and perfect arrangements.

The execution is also absolutely first class, from start to finish. Most solos are performed (not surprisingly) by the leader and the pianist, but the rhythm section is firmly present throughout, playing confidently, accurately and with a lot of imagination. Pianist Raminiak is definitely one of the best among the young generation of Polish Jazz players, which erupted in the last couple of years forcing its way towards the top and his other recordings (with his RGG trio) are all worth investigating. As to the leader, his playing is both beautiful and perfect in every respect, with great sense of melody and technical proficiency.

Stylistically  Fortuna is still distilling and purifying his personal and unique voicing, with his many influences even now quite apparent – mostly Miles Davis and other American Bop players, but also several notable Europeans. Of course every young Polish trumpeter is expected to follow and is judged by comparison to the mentor of Polish trumpet – Tomasz Stanko, which of course is not fair and quite absurd. Even if Fortuna should in the future lean more towards less structured music, his voice and sound will be his own, so let's give him a fair chance. It definitely sounds as we'll hear quite a lot about him in the future. This is definitely a brilliant debut album, which should make all the participating musicians proud. Wholeheartedly recommended!

Check this squad playing material from this CD recently during in concert:

Author of text: Adam Baruch

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