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Piotr Domagała - Slavonic Tales (Kaan Studio Jazz, 2009)

Piotr Domagała  - guitar
Adam Kawończyk - trumpet, kalimba
Sławek Berny - perkusja

Kaan Studio Jazz, 2009
With great surprise I discovered that this album not only has no reviews in English but also in Polish just a handful and not as good as they should be. Mine also would not be perfect but I can do at least one thing and assure you that this disc contains very gracious music indeed!

The leader - Piotr Domagała - is one of big wave of strong and creative flock of guitarists coming in recent years to our market. Moreover his voice is individual and like no other player on Polish scene and can be described as having roots in tradition of great virtuoso classical guitarists but speaking in language of jazz with strong blues and cool jazz accents.

On this album he is accompanied by musicians perfectly matching his cool and relaxed style. On trumpet Adam Kawończyk, one of those players in Polish jazz that though unknown and underrated is indeed first class instrumentalist. He produces sound so filigree, delicate and minute that I cannot imagine better complement to Domagała poetic style. Rhythm background is pictured by Sławek Berny drums who succeeded in making his instruments sound sensitive enough not to even for a moment overshadowing refined lines produced by his companions. 

Very strong side of this album are compositions: all originals by Piotr Domagała, very, very melodic, merry, yet far from being superficial or trivial. Summarizing I can only wholeheartadly recommend this album to any lover of mainstram jazz.

Finally please listen to the only tune not written by Piotr Domagała on this album, a famous standard by Eden Abhez titled "Nature Boy":

More music from this album is available on Piotr Domagała web page:

Author of text: Maciej Nowotny 

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