Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kirk - Msza Swieta w Braswaldzie (InnerGun, 2011)

Kirk (band)

Paweł Bartnik - electronis
Olgierd Dokalski - trumpet
Filip Kalinowski - gramophones 

Msza Święta w Brąswaldzie (InnerGun, 2011)

I would not pretend I know anything about this band: I went for this recording solely because of Olgierd Dokalski. He is a young trumpeter who has made recently good impression on me. First, because he  simply sounds well. Second, because he is open-minded person and is looking around himself wherever he can in search of inspiration. He has recently recorded an album with Daktari and this is his second release in 2011, no less interesting. And no else controversial! To be honest I do not like much either of them for different reasons. Respectively, Daktari seems to me a bit too Tzadik-klezmer-music inclined while Kirk is too heavily depending on use of electronics. Well, I do not have anything against electronics in music in principle. I am aware it may broaden and augment what sounds human beings are capable to produce. But there is a point where amount of electronics is stripping music out of its natural charm, making it monotonous and stupefying. Luckily not all album is like that because there are moments when focus is on musicians, their skills, their individuality and at these moments music is very, very promising. Summarizing, it is clear I am not great fan of Dokalski's last two releases but still I appreciate a lot his attitude towards music: creative, searching, personal. Hopefully he will remain on this track while getting better and better musically...


Author: Maciej Nowotny

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