Thursday, January 5, 2012

Olo Walicki - Ewa Film Music (OWA, 2011)

Olo Walicki - double bass, bas guitar, keyboard, programming 

Kira Boreczko-Dal - soprano vocal 
Wacław Zimpel - clarinets
Sławek Jaskułke - piano
Michał Gos - drums
La So - club vocal

Ewa Film Music (OWA, 2011)

Double-bassist Olo Walicki was a key figure in Polish avantgarde movement in 90ties (called yass) and although he remains prominent figure of our free jazz (as evidenced by recent "Sun" by Łoskot) he nevertheless applies his highly individual and personal musical language to other projects as well. I was impressed by his third-stream effort "Metalla Preciosa" and in past few years he was also deeply involved in composing theater music (check very interesting "Trauma Theater") and film music. That is the case of "Ewa Film Music" which is sound track but of quality and originality fully justifying its rehearsal without moving pictures. Note also great players assisting Walicki in this project: Wacław Zimpel, a clarinetist, is person number 1 in young Polish avantgarde. Sławek Jaskulke is young lion of Polish jazz piano and to be able to make a name in jazz piano in this country means you must have extremely high skills and great will to survive. Finally Michał Gos is one of most original free jazz drummers in Poland. Summarizing, this is piece of awesome film music: chilly, mysterious, spacious and deep. Unique as like no other is Walicki's own voice...

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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