Thursday, January 12, 2012

Clockwork + Poprawski - Myopic (2011)

Clockwork (duo)
Maciej Wrobel - drums
Szymon Orlowski - bass
Lukasz Poprawski - saxophone

Myopic (2011)

When before wedding Giovanni Sforza for the first time saw his bride Lucretia Borgia he said: "You can fool one's mind or one's heart but you cannot fool one's eyes. This girl is as vicious as beautiful!" The same may be said about debut recording by Clockwork duo consisting of drummer Maciej Wróbel and bass guitarist Szymon Orłowski. They both supply dark, oneiric and ecstatic pulse into which Lukasz Poprawski adds on his saxophone lines of innocence, beauty and wonder worthy of every praise. 

Poprawski is already a significant player on Polish jazz scene. He took part as a sideman in many valuable projects of which few are described on this blog like Dominik Bukowski "Times get change" and, most of all, Paweł Kaczmarczyk "Complexity in Simplicity". Up to this moment I knew him as virtuoso and mainstream player but with this recording Popławski shows his ears are wide open and although he retains his rich articulation and impeccable phrasing he added freedom and openness to his play. I want wholeheartedly congratulate him on the performance displayed on this album. It was bold and intelligent move from Wróbel and Orłowski to invite him but their contribution is no less significant to the success of the whole enterprise. They both are accomplished musicians and what is important they have been playing together for many years. In consequence they both sound as one instrument which is characteristic only for best rhythm sections. 

Music itself is using electronics, rock and first of all jazz languages with strong groove playing the main part. But there is so much creativity and spontaneity here that I can only say that it is world in itself worthy to explore by lovers of all kinds of good music with particular emphasis on modern avantjazz. My only small complaint is that with its 35 minutes of music it's too short for my taste. But putting aside this small objection I regard this album as very succesful and I recommend it warmly to readers of this blog!

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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