Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bronislaw Suchanek, Dominik Wania - Sketch In Blue (2009)

Bronisław Suchanek - bass
Dominik Wania -piano

Sketches In Blue (2009)

This beautiful bass / piano duo album presents a meeting between two generations of great Polish Jazz players. Veteran bassist Bronislaw Suchanek was one of the most prominent players on the Polish modern Jazz scene, playing with top names, like Tomasz Stanko (see the groundbreaking legendary 'Music For K' album). He left Poland during the turbulent years of Socialist regime, first to Sweden and later to USA, where he lives now. He played with other Polish expatriates (Leszek Zadlo, Wladyslaw Sendecki and Janusz Stefanski) in the Polski Jazz Ensemble. Dominik Wania is a Polish pianist, with an impressive list of musical achievements in spite of his young age. Wania traveled to Boston, to get his Masters degree in music and there he met Suchanek. This album is a result of their musical cooperation. Both players are virtuoso performers on their respective instruments and their cooperation is in perfect sync, creating great exchange of ideas and interplay. Both musicians contribute equally to the compositional content, each of them by writing four compositions and one composition being co-authored. There are some superb melodies here and of course great performances from start to finish, full of sensitivity and intelligence, typical European Jazz at its best. Wholeheartedly recommended!

(Editor) Please listen to a very beautiful tune titled "Reminiscence" from this noteworthy album:

Author: Adam Baruch

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