Sunday, January 8, 2012

Imagination Quartet - Imagination Quartet (Ananconda, 2011)

Imagination Quartet (band)

Michał Sołtan – guitar
Damian Pińkowski – tenor saxophone
Dariusz Świtalski – bass guitar
Maciej Dziedzic – drums

Imagination Quartet (Ananconda, 2011)

The only musician I know in this debuting band is drummer Maciej Dziedzic whose play on Dwoothoo's album "Space Pressures" is however a very good recommendation. Other young musicians creating this music are "tabula rasa" for me. But Michał Sołtan on guitar, Dariusz Świtalski on bass and Damian Pinkowski on tenor saxophone they all prove to be all accomplished musicians. Music that is flowing from my speakers is more than satisfactory and it shows great potential for future. It does not mean that this album is flawless.  For example I feel that it could be shorter, more dynamic and coherent. Moreover I admire that it contains all originals penned mostly by Sołtan and Dziedzic but not all songs are equally catching. Speaking shortly, this album needs some refinement, perhaps more depth and maturity but it definitely augurs well for their next projects!

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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