Friday, January 20, 2012

Janusz Zdunek & Marienburg - Miasto Nic (Okno, 2008)

Janusz Zdunek - trąbka, organy, elektronika
Ireneusz Kaczmar - gitara basowa

Rafał Baca - perkusja
Mariusz Godzina - klarnet basowy
Miasto Nic (Okno, 2008)

(Editor) With affinities to Nils-Peter Molvaer Janusz Zdunek trumpet meanders between avantgarde, mainstream, nu jazz and pop. Sometimes successfully and in these moment music sounds otherworldly and inspiring but sometimes not and in those moments it sounds like cheap down-tempo with rhythm section unbearably predictable. It's difficult to determine which course music of this talented musician will take in future...     

Second album of Marienburg - "Miasto Nic" (Nothing Town) reflects on many experiences with film, folk music and mainstream pop, Janusz Zdunek has have in his career. Marienburg's new project combines leader's experimental soul with his love for jazz. Of course, each of the musicians involved in this project brings something of their own to the disk as well, and the musical plate seems sometimes less structured but more stylistically mixed, due to diverse upbringing of the musicians involved in Marienburg project. Irek Kaczmar (bass guitar) musical activities began in hardcore-rock-punk, alternative and folk bands. In turn, Rafal Baca (drums) worked with punk and death metal bands, when Mariusz Godzina (bass clarinet) has flourished in rock-avant guard environment. The final result on "Miasto Nic" keeps the listener engaged all the time, due to the band's authentic joy of collective improvisation.


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