Sunday, November 4, 2012

Oleszak / Turner - Over The Title (2012)

Oleszak / Turner

Witold Oleszak - inner piano
Roger Turner - studio drumset and cymbals

Over The Title (2012)

By Maciej Nowotny

It is a shame but I know little about Witold Oleszak. Though since 80ties he is an important part of Poznań avantgarde music scene he eludes easy classification. His path as much musical as life may be characterized by constant meandering. He began studying music very early and up to secondary school received extensive classical education. Eventually however he decided to leave the school and joined flourishing underground scene which in 80ties was alternative to sinking in decadence mainstream music (these were last years of communist regime in Poland).

And again, like many his colleagues in that time, after the country regained its independance (at least from previous patron that is the USSR) he resolved to turn to some "solid" profession and got a master's degree in architecture. After period of few years when his only connection with art was drawing illustrations and decorations for theater, he get back to music again. He is a member of few colectives like Reportaż whose video you can watch below. He also appeared on this year album "Divided By 4" in excellent company of Piotr Mełech, Adam Gołębiewski and Chicago-based cellist Fred Lomberg-Holm.

On this album his prepared piano is backed by English jazz percussionist Roger Turner. They both work on entirely equal terms, with Turner input as important and inspiring as Oleszak's. Musically this album is close to modern contemporary music. But its strong reliance on improvisation puts it also within limits of free jazz. For many this music might be lacking clear direction being at times too abstract and conceptual. But I would answer to this that its spontaineity is coherent, its language matured and personally I find its rehearsing refreshing and invigorating...

PS. In wrting this text I used biographical data contained on following page:

1. under 14:18
2. above 1:53
3. next to 4:00
4. below 5:19
5. near 5:37
6. but how? 8:30

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