Friday, November 9, 2012

Swingujące Trójmiasto (Series) - Antykwintet (Soliton, 2012)

Antykwintet (band)

Józef Eliasz - drums (1-5)
Leszak Kułakowski -piano (1-7)
Mariusz Stopnicki - trumpet (6-7)
Marian Szarmach - drums (6-7)
Antoni Śliwa - flute (1-7)
Lech Wieleba - double bass (1-7)

guest: Piotr Sapieja - percussions (1-3)

Soliton 2012

By Maciej Nowotny

The jazz scene of Tricity (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot) has been since decades one of the most important and arguably most creative in Poland. Unfortunately much of its output, especially prior to 1989, remains largely unreleased due to the aversion which the communist government held toward the artistic boheme of Tricity. Fortunately recently Marcin Jacobson of Soliton, a recording label based in Sopot, has ventured on filling this gap and started to release great music which still lay hidden in archives. He started with such a bands as Rama 111 and Baszta, presenting selections of their yet unrealesed music, both very good indeed. And now Antykwintet comes as third and it is no worse then its two predecessors, perhaps even the best of three!

Antykwintet was created in 1978 on initiative of Leszek Kułakowski (pianist, violinist) and Antoni Śliwa (flutist). Over time they were joined by Lech Wieleba (bassist) and Józef Eliasz (drummer). Soon after band was created they started in the most prestigious competition for young bands which tool place during festival Jazz Nad Odrą and became immediately recognized. During their first appearance Józef Eliasz won individual prize while in next year the band (with Marian Szarmach replacing Eliasz) won first prize with Kułakowski scooping another one for the best composition.

Such a promising beginning was not unfortunately continued since in next year the band disbanded. This was tragic time for Poland with inhuman martial law imposed by General Jaruzelski. Poland for years plunged in a deep recessian as much economically, culturally as in any other sense. Difficult to believe but not even a single recording was released by this band! How big loss for our music it was is testified by this album which upon rehearsal I may describe only as extraordinary! Brilliant in every sense: compositional, performance and spiritual. Music is coherent, accesisble and yet deep, authentic. Inspired by great bop combos it in original way incorporates in its languages also other influences: fusion, free jazz, Latin and pop music. Thanks to Marcin Jacobson and Soliton Antykwintet at least takes its rightful place in Polish Jazz history...

PS. This text is based upon certain data found in linear notes written by Marcin Jacobson.

1.Stasinek (L.Kułakowski)
2.Zaduma Dziadka (L.Kułakowski)
3.Minor Mode (B.Kessel)
4.Prosto przed siebie (L.Kułakowski)
5.Gonitwa siódma (L.Kułakowski)
6.Music for R. (L.Kułakowski)
7.Reinkarnacja (L.Kułakowski)

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