Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pasimito – Rumi (2010)

Adam Celinski - vocals
Patryk Zdebik - saxophone
Darek Sprawka - trombone
Kasia Sprawka - violin
Kuba Luka - guitar
Jacek Stobiecki - bass
Przemek Lechowicz - drums

PRIVATE EDITION 5901844976023

By Adam Baruch

This is the debut album by the Polish Jazz-Rock-World Fusion group Pasimito. As the album's title suggests, it was inspired by the works of the 13th Century Persian poet and mystic Rumi and the album's lyrics are loose quotations of Rumi's poems, sayings and aphorisms translated into the Polish language. The album comprises of ten original songs, all being group compositions. The core of the group is a septet with vocalist Adam Celinski, guitarist Kuba Luka, saxophonist Patryk Zdebik, trombonist Darek Sprawka, violinist Kasia Sprawka, bassist Jacek Stobiecki and drummer Przemek Lechowicz. Four guest artists participate on selected songs.

The music is a fascinating amalgam of a plethora of styles, which include such diverse influences as Grunge and Industrial Rock, Ambient and Electronic music, Jazzy improvisations and theatrical Progressive Rock, spiced with World Music induced folkloristic themes. This is some seriously weird stuff, which strangely works out wonderfully well. The songs are quite different from each other, which keeps the entire album full of surprises and unexpected musical developments, continuing right through the final track of the album, which includes a "hidden" part. There are no dull moments here, which is something one can say only about a tiny minority of albums recorded these days.

It's difficult to define the audience this music will work best for, as there are so many different things happening herein. Most open-minded listeners, who have no pre-conceptions, should be able to find this music worthy of their appreciation. Listeners outside of Poland should keep their ears open for this group, especially in view of the fact that the group (with small lineup changes) recently released an EP with four instrumental tracks, which are a forecast of a new full (instrumental with no language barriers) album. Unusual and charming stuff not to be missed!

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