Wednesday, November 14, 2012

100nka - Lose Weight (2012)

100nka (band)

Tomek Leś - guitar
Adam Stodolski - double bass
Przemek Borowiecki - drums, bells, paper

Lose Weight (2012)

100nka is a band which has become legendary among such a free jazz/yass freaks as I am supposed (by many, not myself!) to be. Three their previous releases: "Zimna Płyta" (2004) recorded with Mikołaj Trzaska, "Potrawy, sTrawy + Kompot Gratis" (2007) and "Superdesert" (2009) featuring Herb Robertson were full of creative energy, wild, even crazy at moments. But at the same time, unlike many free jazz albums, these were always coherent proposals, with some clear idea behind music. One could agree with artistic vision they delivered or not but they did not leave the listener indifferent.

This record retains all these positive features of previous recordings but at the same time it brings a complete change in band's music. Instead of free jazz the musicians turn to the composition, to structure, to form. Although I will miss "old" crazy 100nka I want to congratulate these guys on such a decision. I believe jazz is about change, about "searching for new land" and without readiness to cast aside everything behind yourself and embark on new path, it often loses its soul, becomes artificial, sad. These three musicians: guitarist Tomek Leś, bassist Adam Stodolski and drummer Przemek Borowiecki show courage and determination which is seldom found even among the greatest of jazz, in Poland or worldwide.

But of course music is the most important. What is the artistic outcome of all these changes? Intriguing. Though no perfect. Whole new world suddenly opened before these musicians! The world of composing, of finding fresh melodies, of creating moods and first of all of finding their own sounds. There is everything of those on this album. Sometimes sparking like real gems but sometimes (to be honest!) dim and vague, still in "statu nascendi". There is obviously a lot of work to be done to be able to call it great music but it augurs well and it may be the beginning of a path leading to something as important as old 100nka was. Though reluctantly I want to step with them on this new path... 

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