Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pseudo-Devival I - Live In Krakow (2012)

Pseudo-Devival I

Paulina Owczarek - alto and baritone saxophone
El Pricto - alto saxophone and conduction
Wiktor Krzak - bassoon
Michal Dymny - electric guitar
Vasco Trilla - drums and percussion
Tomek Choloniewski - drums and percussion

Live In Krakow (2012)

By Maciej Nowotny

From linear notes: "Devival is a term used by both the Church of the SubGenius and later Discordianism for a gathering or festival of followers. The name is a pun on Christian revivals. 

The central belief in the church of the SubGenius is the pursuit of Slack, which generally stands for the sense of freedom, independence, and original thinking that comes when you stop worrying about personal goals. In essence, Slack is about finding satisfaction with what you have and who you are, as opposed for searching for satisfaction in accomplishment".

So this is it as far as (let's take it with a wink...) philosophical background of this music. Musically speaking this is typical free improv. This is quite big ensamble consisting of six persons of whom best known are drummer Tomek Chołoniewski (check his solo drum album "Un"), guitarist Michał Dymny (known from interesting collaborations with Rafał Mazur or avantgarde band called Nucleon), and saxophonist(ess?) Paulina Owczarek (known from another project with Chołoniewski titled "Uncharted Territory"). 

Apart from them we found here EL Pricto who is playing on alto saxophone and conducting (OMG! Karajan would be astonished by his work indeed...), Wiktor Krzak on bassoon and Vasco Trilla on drums and percussion. But it is difficult to distinguish someone. As typically for free improv it is collective work which decides about the quality of such a cooperation. In this case it deserves praise though my impression is that this music makes biggest impact when played in duos or trios. When whole ensemble joins the game it becomes too disorganized for my taste and I hear little more than unpleasant noise. 

All in all, this is important recording since it seems to me that all these young musisians are somehow connected with Cracow scene. The only serious scene in Poland which up to this pint was almost entirely dominated by rather conservative mainstream jazz. I am therefore happy that new generation is beginning to enrich the musical landscape of this so splendid city...


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  2. serio :) lubię jazz ale takie free-dziwactwa mnie nie kręcą :D


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