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Maciek Pysz Trio – Insight (2013) ****

Maciek Pysz - guitar
Yuri Goloubev - bass
Asaf Sirkis - drums

33 RECORDS 231

By Adam Baruch

This is one of those unexpected pleasant surprises that arrive in my mail box from time to time, which are not only musical delights but also have a personal aspect, closing one of the infinite connections woven during my life as a Jazz activist. Maciek Pysz is a Polish guitarist / composer resident in London since 2003 and is considered as one of the most interesting upcoming players on the scene. His cohorts are Russian bassist Yuri Goloubev, a classically trained player living now in Milan, and Israeli drummer Asaf Sirkis, also resident in London, considered as one of the best players around. Of course Sirkis is one of the many "kids on the block" that grew up under my wings and received their first recording opportunity on my record label, hence I consider him as one of my "musical children" spread all over the world.

The trio performs nine original compositions, all by Pysz (one co-composed with the Italian guitarist Gianluca Corona), who was also in charge of the exquisite arrangements. The music is a wonderful amalgam of influences mixing Jazzy improvisations with multicultural backgrounds including Gypsy, Flamenco, Latin and Brazilian folklore and European Classical music. Rhythmic influences also touch upon Middle Eastern pulsations. Together these elements are wonderfully interwoven, producing a completely unique musical identity, which belongs to the guitar based Jazz-World Fusion universe pioneered by such luminaries as Al Di Meola, Ralph Towner or John McLaughlin, among others. Without any exaggeration, this music is every bit as good as the music created by these great Masters.

But the excellent compositions and arrangements are also accompanied by superb performances. All three players are obvious virtuosi, each capable of astounding performance, and when combined are capable of truly wondrous music making. Pysz has a superb technique but even more so a deep feeling. The acoustic / classical guitar laughs and weeps, switches between cheerful lightheadedness and moody melancholy. The single notes and the chords are always in harmonious relation to each other and to the two other musicians. Goloubev is already quite famous as a classical player, but his performances here show that his feel and respect for Jazz are of no lesser magnitude. Sirkis, who "holds his horses" and intelligently fits his percussive magic to the delicate acoustic surroundings, simply binds the entire musical experience into a complete and perfect artistic message.

As if all the above was not enough, the album is also superbly recorded, with an astonishing sonic ambience and dynamics of the highest quality, which turns the experience of listening to the music into a true delight. This is obviously "guitar heaven" for guitar buffs, but any true music connoisseur should find this album extraordinary in every sense. Wholeheartedly recommended!

(Editor) This album is available for purchase, among many other interesting releases, at recording label: 33 RECORDS.

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