Saturday, October 12, 2013

Keefe Jackson's Likely So - A Round Goal (2013) ****

Keefe Jackson's Likely So (band)

Keefe Jackson - bass clarinet, tenor saxophone
Waclaw Zimpel - clarinet, alto clarinet)
Peter A. Schmid - bass clarinet, e flat clarinet, sopranino saxophone, baritone saxophone, bass saxophone
Marc Stucki - bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, harmonium
Mars Williams - sopranino saxophone, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone
Thomas K.J. Mejer - sopranino saxophonw
Dave Rempis - alto saxophone, baritone saxophone

A Round Goal (2013)

"The music of Keefe Jackson's all-reed group Likely So is both a new direction and a continuation of his abiding mission: combining composition and improvisation with an emphasis on the interaction of the individual musicians. On A Round Goal, this leads to an exploration of sound-areas including the textural, the melodic, and the instinctual. Mars Williams, Wac[Pi]aw Zimpel, Jackson, Marc Stucki, Dave Rempis, Peter A. Schmid, and Thomas K.J. Mejer play the entire range of saxophones (from sopranino to contrabass) and clarinets. This album is a live set recorded at the Jazzwerkstatt Festival in Berne, Switzerland."

source: Delmark

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