Sunday, November 24, 2013

Beata Pater - Golden Lady (2013) ** 1/2

Beata Pater 

Beata Pater - vocal
Hiromu Aoki - piano
Buca Necak - double bass

Golden Lady (2013)

This is an album created by a uniquely formed jazz trio whose artistic chemistry surpasses cultural distinctions, led by vocalist Beata Pater whose international jazz career earned her a CBS/Sony recording contract during her ten years in Japan.

It was twenty-five years ago on one of the rare day’s that Beata wasn’t performing or traveling Japan that she serendipitously met pianist Hiromu Aoki. Arduously searching for the right pianist to complete her trio – after finding Serbian-born acoustic bass player Buca Necak – she decided to visit a jazz club in her then hometown of Yokohama. It was here that Beata heard a performance by pianist Hiromu Aoki for the very first time. “Immediately I knew he was ‘the one’,” Beata recalls. Instantly drawn to the pianist, she introduced herself after the performance, eagerly convincing him to take the hour’s drive with her into Tokyo to hear the acoustic bass player perform, in spite of them being strangers.

After Aoki heard Buca’s performance, they instantly fell in love with each other’s artistry, as all three perfectly clicked. “Trying to form a band with the [right] chemistry where everyone’s ‘on purpose’,” as Beata explains, “is difficult and contingent on musicianship and style.” That was the night this musical partnership began, continuing to this day - their musical acquaintance over twenty-five years is a natural connection that ignites each time they perform.

(source: press release)

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