Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Elec-Tri-City - Depth Of Focus (2017)


Marcin Wądołowski - guitar
Dominik Bukowski - xylosynth
Janusz Mackiewicz - bass, minimoog
Grzegorz Sycz - drums, percussion

Depth Of Focus


By Adam Baruch

This is the second album by Polish Jazz-Rock Fusion ensemble Elec-Tri-City, which comprises of bassist/keyboardist/composer Janusz Mackiewicz, guitarist Marcin Wądołowski, vibraphonist Dominik Bukowski (who plays his electronic vibraphone called xylosynth) and drummer Grzegorz Sycz. The album presents ten original compositions, seven of which are by Mackiewicz and the remaining three are one each by the other ensemble members.

The album continues the path set by the debut and presents a superbly elegant Jazz-Rock Fusion, based on beautiful melodic compositions, which serve as vehicles for extended improvisations by the ensemble members. The music brings fond memories of what Fusion was at its early days, when it was all about the music and not about technical, but boring proficiency show-offs by mediocre musicians. Each and every one of the tunes on this album is a wonderful piece of stylish music, which stands very well on its own.

All four members of the ensemble are experienced musicians with impressive personal record and the music they play here is evidently a labor of love and joy of playing. There is plenty of superb guitar, synthesizer, bass and drum solos to keep every Fusion fan happy. Overall this is a very enjoyable and yet exceptionally musical and elegant album, which is a true joy to listen to from start to end; one of those pieces of music that can simply "make your day". Warmly recommended!

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