Wednesday, December 13, 2017

LOVE - E Bik Dangam Lan (2017)


Lo Ersare - vocal
Jędrzej Łagodziński - tenor saxophone, vocal
Petter Rylén - piano
Rasmus Kjærgård Lund - tuba
Tomo Jacobson - double bass
Szymon Gąsiorek - drums

E Bik Dangam Lan


By Adam Baruch

This is the debut album by the ensemble LOVE, led by Polish (resident in Denmark) saxophonist/composer Jędrzej Łagodziński, who is also a member of the Love And Beauty Seekers trio. The ensemble includes two additional Polish musicians: bassist Tomo Jacobson and drummer Szymon Gąsiorek and three Scandinavian musicians: vocalist Lo Ersare, tuba player Rasmus Kjaergard Lund and pianist Petter Rylen. The album presents eight original compositions, all by the leader.

The music is an amalgam of contemplative chants/songs and passages of Jazz improvisations based on the basic melodies. The unusual instrumentation and overall stylistic aesthetic creates a dreamlike continuity, which moves from one track to another, with long quiet passages which build up to a crescendo eruptions and then return again to more melodic and quiet moments. The music has some characteristic of a religious/spiritual ceremony and the poems used as part of the lyrics emphasize that atmosphere.

The problem with albums like this one is that it might appeal to a very limited audience, as it falls between categories: it is not a Jazz album per se and it is not a meditation/relaxation album as well. In short, only open-minded listeners, who like surprises and adventure in the music they listen to, might love listening to it. Personally I've had a great fun listening to this album and recommend it to my fellow unconventional music lovers. Based on his recording activity Łagodziński clearly emerges as a versatile composer/instrumentalist and is certainly worth being closely watched in the future, as his output so far is definitely very promising.

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