Friday, February 26, 2021

Scratching Fork - Scratching Fork (2021)

Scratching Fork

Marek Malinowski - guitar
Robert Rychlicki-Gąsowski - bass
Wojciech Zadrużynski - drums

Scratching Fork

FSR 2021/04

By Adam Baruch

This is the debut album by Polish Jazz trio Scratching Fork, comprising of guitarist/composer Marek Malinowski, bassist Robert Rychlicki-Gąsowski and drummer Wojciech Zadrużyński. The album presents seven original compositions, all by Malinowski and was recorded over three years before it was finally released.

The music, although based on melodic themes, is very open and offers plenty of space for improvisation. The sound of the guitar, which although amplified, eschews heavy electronic effects and appears to be almost completely acoustic, dominates the overall atmosphere, creating a minimalistic effect. The rhythm section provides steady riffs, which keep the music flowing through the consecutive pieces, with occasional soli by the bassist.

Malinowski has a very idiosyncratic style, almost completely different from most other guitarists in the Polish scene, which takes some time to get into, but eventually proves very satisfactory and effective. The excellent support from the rhythm section is also a major factor contributing to the music’s overall success.

It is very difficult to classify this music stylistically, as it moves constantly between Fusion and more Jazz oriented improvisations, as well as contemplative ambient moods. But regardless of the label one wishes to put on the music, it is certainly interesting and worth investigating to a wide range of listeners ranging from Rock to Improvised Music. It would be interesting to hear how this music developed during the time that passed since it was recorded, as the sounds on this album leave all the options quite open.

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