Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cezariusz Gadzina Trio - Double Heart (2002)

Cezariusz Gadzina is a saxophonist who graduated from Frederic Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw. He continued his eduction in Belgium where in Royal Conservatory in Brussels he studied symphonic conducting. Since then he lives and works in Belgium and I've got acquainted with him on occasion of listening to his album "Double Heart" which was enclosed to 7-8/2002 copy of Jazz Forum magazine. 
I was very positively surprised by the sound of this completely unknown player was capable to produce: meticulous phrasing, lines curved with utmost precision yet very melodic. This was type of play one could expect from one of the masters of this instrument but not from newcomer! Unfortunately average support from rhythm section as supplied by Piet Verbist (bass) and Marek Partman (drums) spoiled somehow overall effect but I was sure then that we should hear more about this player in future.
But it turned out to be different: cut out in Belgium from Polish rich (in artistic terms of course...) jazz soil Gadzina never fulfilled the promise he made by this recording. He kind of disappeared from Polish jazz scene but fortunately remained active as musician in Belgium and is now artistic director for European Saxophone Ensamble. I hope we will hear more from him in years to come since he certainly has not forgot how to play jazz which is evidenced by this film from one of the concerts he gave last year:     

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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