Monday, April 18, 2011

Tupika - Broń rasowego rażenia (2006)

I love Polish jazz but the truth is that it is dominated vastly by mainstream with avantgarde still being underrepresented and not recognized by official jazz circles. There I want to pay my deepest respect to young musicians who irrespective of many obstacles still dedicate their talent to what is free in jazz. This time in "search of new land" set out Patryk Zakrocki (violin), Norbert Kubacz (double bass) and Paweł Szamburski (clarinet). They created this band late fall 2009 and this is their second album after "Recording Session At Rudera" (2002). This disc contains mostly archive recording from unpublished sessions and since so many years passed I doubt this band would ever again continue to record. It in fact served its role as vehicle for experimenting and developing their own style catapulting at least one of them, Paweł Szamburski, to premiere league of Polish avantgarde. You can find his clarinet on such first rate albums as "Branches Of Dirty Delight" (2009) by Horny Trees, "Istikeyt / Fargangenheit" (2010) by Cukunft or "Lark Uprising" (2010) by Ircha Quartet. 
But even without this context the music on this disc remains still fresh and challenging, by far exceeding many recordings which were made in Polish jazz afterwards. Oscillating between modern chamber music, freeimprov and delicate klezmer moods, it gives one rewarding rehearsal after another. Worthy example for other young musicians to follow showing that only the most daring souls may succeed in modern jazz and bring something unique to its heritage...

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