Monday, May 16, 2011

Orkiestra Świętokrzyska - Wykłady z geometrii muzyki (2003)

Well, this is a project that could be very interested indeed but it turn out to be disappointment. Intended to be nu jazz and clearly referring to music of Nils Petter Molvaer it sounds however like karaoke jazz: oversimplified, uninspired, predictable. Surely lovers of more accessible music may find this attractive but only provided they are indiscriminate and were not exposed to what is the best in nu jazz.

Sadly, this recordings is so mediocre that even the presence of the artist of highest callibre could not save the day with one exception however: Andrzej Przybielski play on trumpet in "Równoległość" transcend this mundane sounds into celestial harmony. But as soon as his immortal trumpet fades karaoke returns again...

The song with above mentioned magic trumpet of Andrzej Przybielski:

Author of text: Maciej Nowotny (

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