Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bennie Maupin - Penumbra (2006)

My blog is about Polish but it would be entirely justified to ask what makes any jazz recording or concert Polish?  Yeah, there is no good answer to that since jazz music is the most antithetical phenomenon of all to categorization. Therefore my criterion is simple: any recording in which Polish musicians take part in is included into Polish jazz. It is very easy to overthrow such criterion but I see no better. If you however see any  way to improve it feel free to share your ideas!
In a meantime I want to turn you attention toward an album that has little in common with Poland apart from Darek Oleszkiewicz who plays here on doublebass. His play deserves highest praise indeed! He produces warm, distinct and deep sound which endures in the air surprisingly long after a chord was stricken. 
But other artist play main role in this show, namely Bennie Maupin, whose play on bass clarinet is magnificent. Maupin is kind of jazzman in Miles Davis (with whom he used to play for example during famous "Bithes Brew" recording session) or John Coltrane style: always searching for new land, showing boudless creativity, developing his own individual sound.
Other players appearing on this album are no less prominent: Daryl Munyungo Jackson (drums) and Michael Stephans (drums), they both are working with Maupin for long time, Jackson for over 20 while Stephans more than 10 years. So interplay between musicians is no problem here : they can move freely together in this metaphysical zone between light and darkness creating one of the most rewarding music I listened to in my life! Must-have...  

Check this attractive video containing composition titled "Neophilia" from this record:

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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