Thursday, December 13, 2012

Andrukhovych & Karbido - Absinthe (2012)

Andrukhovych & Karbido

Jurij Andruchowycz - vocal, txt
Igor Gawlikowski - guitar
maot - bass guitar, vocal
Tomasz Sikora - alto saxophone, electronics
Marcin Witkowski -dr, perc
East-North Female Quartet

Absinthe (2012)

(Editor) "Absinth" is the third part of the music and poetic trilogy created and performed by the Polish-Swiss band Karbido and Ukrainian writer Yuriy Andrukhovych. The previous parts of the trilogy were the albums "Samohon" (released in Poland in 2006 and in Ukraine in 2008) and "Cinnamon" (2009 and 2010 respectively). Both these works, albums as well as their live renditions on Ukrainian and Polish stages, became notable and widely discussed phenomena of modern independent culture.

The program is based on Yuriy Andrukhovych's novel "Perversion". Creators of "Absinth" see it as an original 60-80 minutes long soundtrack to a film of an unknown director (Perfetskyi himself?) based on "Perversion" but never actually filmed.

The title "Absinth" is certainly metaphorical. This is a kind of paraphrase on the theme of the favourite drink of all decadents, which, reflecting in "Perfetskyi's texts", carries the message about the Wormwood country (Ukraine after Chornobyl, which means "wormwood" in Ukrainian) and its painful absence (word-play "absinth-absent") in modern Europe. (source:

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