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International Jazzpocalypse - Live in Torun (2013)

International Jazzpocalypse (band)

Kuba Skowronski - saxophone
Wojtek Swieca - guitar
Sebastian Zawadzki - piano
Asger Nordtorp Pedersen - bass
Janosch Pangritz - drums

Live in Torun (2013)

Every now and then there happens in Polish jazz a debut so good that it heralds the emergence of strong and unique personality that may join those who give direction to this music in our country. We were recently awed by the fantastic debut of the band called Tone Raw (check Adam Baruch's review) featuring young pianist Sebastian Zawadzki. And now in comes his second album and it is at least equally interesting showing clearly that Zawadzki's star is ascending.

Born in 1991 in Toruń he is one of many talented lads who in recent years studied in Music Academy in Odense, Denmark. Together with Tomasz Dąbrowski, Tomek Licak and Marek Kądziela they form kind of "Danish Wave" in Polish jazz. They all can be characterized as having both high level of competence on their respective instruments AND openness for what is alive and actual in contemporary jazz. 

One additional feature which can attributed to these young musicians is an ease with which they mingle with their peers not only from Poland but also from Scandinavia, Germany, other European countries and from the U.S. Most of their projects are "international" with modern jazz being a common language which allows youth from so many different countries and cultures to work together. In itself a great thing especially when so successful from artistic point of view.

Apart from above mentioned Zawadzki on piano we find here his compatriots  Jakub Skowroński on saxophone and Wojtek Świeca on guitar. Their playing is outstanding! Skowroński tone is sparing but very elegant, it resembles a bit Wayne Shorter thoughtful style. Świeca also makes an excellent impression on me: emphatic  compassionate, blending well with whole ensemble which is not so often met in young musicians.

Danish-German rhythm section consisting of, respectively, bassist Asger Nordtrop and drummer Janosh Pangritz cannot be praised too much! I am especially impressed by Pangritz whose play is very individual and additionally he composed or co-composed three pieces out of four on this album. All these young artists seem to have bright future ahead of them. Their class impressed me even more when taking into account that though young they also work magnificently as a collective. 

The result is music that can be described as modern mainstream: enough adventurous to attract those interested in avantjazz yet very communicative so it can appeal to those who value a lot more traditional jazz language. In short, a brilliant achievement of these young musicians!

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