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Uda – Lowy Kraby (2013)

Lukasz Krzywicki - guitar
Kuba Sienczyk - bass
Michal Zawadzki - drums


By Adam Baruch

This is the third album by young Polish Fusion trio Uda, which comprises of guitarist Lukasz Krzywicki, bassist Kuba Sienczyk and drummer Michal Zawadzki. This album features guest appearances by guitarist Apostolis Anthimos, bassist Krzysztof Scieranski and accordionist Marcin Galazyn. There are thirteen original compositions, which are supposedly co-created by the group members, since no composing credits are specified.

The main point about this music seems to be to offer something quite "different", and different it is. Mixing virtually every style and genre known to man and shunning from nothing, including ridiculous Rap moments, this music is a hodgepodge quite difficult to swallow sometimes. Heavy Metal riffs seem to be the preferred weapon of choice, but there are also quiet passages, which sound quite interesting. Although this music has a strong improvisational element it is much closer to avant-garde Rock than to Fusion. Of course the whole point is to make this music impossible to categorize. The first association is the early music of Frank Zappa, not that Uda are remotely close to his musical genius (nobody is), but the total disregard of form and established rules are also there.

Of course these youngsters can play, and they play well, even exceptionally well, when they do. Many of their devices seem to be borrowed or perhaps purposely used in a form of mockery or ridicule, which works also pretty well. Overall, in spite of the apparent chaos and mayhem, there seems to be a hidden sense behind all this façade of "we don't give a damn". If only they concentrated on what they play rather than on how they play it, things would be much more interesting.

Obviously this music is not very inviting, but for listeners willing to suffer a little, there are definitely many hidden treasures in there. Just keep an open mind and protect your ears! I must say I prefer young musicians experimenting and breaking the rules the way Uda do, rather than join the wave of conformity and produce the usual garbage, which makes you puke instantly. So respect for the courage to be different, and please just a little more focus next time around.

2 komentarze:

  1. Dzięki za reckę! :)


  2. Mh.... hodgepodge...
    I had to look up my Merriam-Webster.

    As with every good music, the one from Uda gains exorbitantly during live shows, as these are no just concerts.
    They perform pretty frequently and again I strongly recommend it.


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