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Piotr Domagała - Pnącza (2013)

Piotr Domagała - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12-string guitar
Adam Kawończyk - trumpet, flugelhorn, flute
Sławek Berny - tabla, udu, cajon, bongos, djembe, electric tampura, chekere

Pnącza (2013)

By Maciej Nowotny

Piotr Domagała as a guitarist stands alone among other musicians playing on this instrument in Poland. Not only he is a true virtuoso but his mature artistic vision encompassing as much jazz, as Slav folk and world music, unites all these influences into one unique language unmistakably his own.

This is only his second disc after outstanding debut "Slavonic Tales" released in 2009. Unlike others musicians, especially of younger generation, Domagała is neither prolific nor he changes projects and partners like gloves. Inversely he has focused on one enterprise and same musicians to be able to dug deeper into the matter of music.

The effect is fully satisfactory. I should perhaps do not use any labels to describe this music as they would all be misleading. But if forced I would prefer to call it "free mainstream" as it is as close to orthodox jazz as to classical music but first of all free in spirit. 

The success of this venture would be impossible without excellent partners of Domagała: trumpeter Adam Kawończyk and percussionist Sławek Berny. They are both well known and established musicians on our jazz scene. Together they form a trio like no other in Polish jazz and one of very few on European scene. Bound to the highest standards of performance, faithful to jazz and classical music heritage, at the same time they are brave enough to experiment and search for new lands. What else is necessary to make a listener happy? Perhaps one more thing should be mentioned as the sound on this CD is extremely well recorded and mixed which makes the rehearsal of this music even more enjoyable.

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