Monday, February 24, 2014

We4 – Harmonijnie (2013) **

Wojciech Milewski - harmonica
Karol Szymanowski - vibraphone
Grzegorz Nadolny - bass
Piotr Biskupski - drums


By Adam Baruch

This is the debut album by Polish Jazz quartet called We4, which consists of harmonica player Wojciech Milewski, vibraphonist Karol Szymanowski, bassist Grzegorz Nadolny and drummer Piotr Biskupski. They perform nine tunes, all standards.

The music is on the extreme easy side of the Jazz spectrum, with familiar themes played pleasantly by harmonica, which dominates the proceedings, mellow vibraphone playing mostly in the background, accompanied by a swinging rhythm section. Except for the unusual match between the harmonica and vibraphone the entire proceeding presents no intellectual challenge whatsoever and can be easily played as background music in a hotel lobby or restaurant. The recording quality of this album is very good, in complete contrast to its contents, so HiFi stores selling high range equipment to half-deaf nouveau riche is another place for this album to be used.

Why on earth would someone go through the effort to produce an album like this beats me, but what do I know?

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