Friday, January 9, 2015

2WKL – Cyber Ja2z (2002)


Wojciech Konikiewicz - keyboards
Dawid Lewandowski - drums

Cyber Ja2z


By Adam Baruch

This is the debut album by Polish duo 2WKL, which comprises of keyboardist/composer Wojciech Konikiewicz and drummer/composer Dawid Wojtek Lewandowski, who lives in France. The music was performed using a plethora of synthesizers, keyboards and programmed and live drums and was recorded live to DAT, featuring no overdubs or other studio trickery. The album presents six original compositions, three of which were composed by Konikiewicz and three were co-composed by Konikiewicz and Lewandowski.

The music is an interesting amalgam of ambient/synthesizer music with strong ethnic elements, especially the rhythmic patterns, jazzy improvisation, groove, funk and even some Jazz-Rock idioms. Although performed only by two musicians, practically live, the overall sound is powerful and multilayered, often quite complex and intricate. Although strong melodic elements are present, the music is mostly atmospheric and contemplative, except for the moments when it creates a strong funk groove, becoming almost danceable.

Konikiewicz plays some amazing synthesizer sounds, which are consistent with his well deserved position as one of the best keyboardists on the Polish scene. This album proves that he is always ready to experiment and find his own place within the developing and emerging music technology. The solos Konikiewicz plays on this album are truly stellar and should be part of the electric / electronic pantheon of the Polish recorded legacy.

Lewandowski's drums programming is among the best I have come across in the ambitious music, which proves that automated drums can be creative and even fascinating. There is not a dull moment on this album, much thanks to the great drum tracks.

Although this album was recorded a decade and a half ago, there are very few, if any, synthesizer oriented albums released on the Polish scene since, that can match its diversity, imagination and virtuosity. It is definitely worth to be dug up and discovered by all those who missed it at the time.

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