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Krzysztof Fetras Quartet – Odpust (2015)

Krzysztof Fetras Quartet

Krzysztof Fetras - guitars
Tomasz Król - guitars, accordion
Marcin Fidos - double bass
Jarosław Gas - drums


GM 002

By Adam Baruch

This is the fifth album by polish guitarist/composer Krzysztof Fetras, recorded in a quartet setting with guitarist Tomasz Król, bassist Marcin Fidos and drummer Jarosław Gas. It is a second album by the rather unusual double-guitar fronted quartet and continues the path set four years earlier by the "Different Guitar" release. The album presents nine compositions, all originals by Fetras, which were also arranged by him.

Both guitarists play acoustic and electric guitars interchangeably, but the overall ambience of this album is completely "acoustic", as no reverb or echo is used during the recording process. Such natural guitar sound is very rare these days, when guitars are usually recorded using a plethora of electronic effects and devices. This clean approach enables the listener to hear the instruments exactly the way they were played and concentrate on the musical content rather than on sound effects.

The music that Fetras writes is very melodic, relaxed and honest. It develops slowly from the initial themes, which are then improvised upon by the guitarists, each supporting the other in tandem, and eventually brought to an anticlimactic finale. This formula works beautifully and any excessive pyrotechnics would have simply demolished the delicate perfection.

Both guitarists are of course excellent players, who respect each other and listen attentively to each other. The bass provides a superb support for the guitars, being right there behind the solo efforts and the drummer carries the music forward with his energetic, but restrained rhythmic support, always remaining unobtrusive.

Overall this album is a wonderful extension to its predecessor and establishes Fetras as one of the top guitar players on the Polish scene. Although it does not offer any flashy guitar extravagances, it is something both guitar fans and guitar players should carefully listen to, in order to grasp how the "less is more" concept is being applied intelligently and effectively. Well done!

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