Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Olbrzym I Kurdupel & Willi Hanne – In Side Shout (2016)

Olbrzym I Kurdupel & Willi Hanne

Tomasz Gadecki - tenor saxophone
Marcin Bożek - bass
Willi Hanne - drums, objects

In Side Shout


By Adam Baruch

This is the fourth album by Polish Avant-garde/Improvised Music duo Olbrzym I Kurdupel, or saxophonist Tomasz Gadecki and bassist Marcin Bożek, this time expanded to a trio with the inclusion of German drummer Willi Hanne. Together they perform twelve improvised pieces, not credited and therefore assumed to be created spontaneously by the participants.

The music on this album is quite different from the earlier recordings by the duo, not because of the presence of the third partner, but because it is significantly more relaxed and stretched than before. Whereas the earlier recordings were characterized by their intensity and ferocious interplays, this time the concept involves a lot of silence incorporated within the music, sporadic bursts of energy followed by delicate and very quiet passages.

Of course the duo remains to be one of the most interesting phenomena on the Polish scene, which refuses to stay in one place and constantly searches to break new barriers and expand the idiom of musical expression. The addition of the drummer enables a more diverse arsenal of sounds, but does not change the basic modus operandi, which means in this case that they have found a brotherly spirit in Hanne.

This album might prove to be slightly more difficult to enjoy, even for the experienced Improvised Music buffs, as it requires total attention and concentration in order to follow the spirit of the music. Nevertheless it is another superb achievement, which represents the European Avant-garde with pride. As always highly recommended to adventurous listeners who have no pre-conceptions are willing to accept the unexpected.

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