Monday, April 12, 2010

Krzysztof Urbański - Urbański (2010)

From time to time one come across the album that would justly deserve two reviews instead of one. And this is exactly the case with this specific record. These two separate reviews might be something like these below:

"Krzysztof Urbański debut recording titled simply Urbański announces the arrival on Polish jazz scene of extremely talented saxophonist. In his playing, technically impeccable, there is present whole tradition of jazz saxophone masters in persons of John Coltrane (Urbański's interpretation of his Giant Steps  is small gem of this record), Sonny Rollins or Joe Henderson. In terms of technical ability, musicality and creativity (he composed majority of the songs present on this album) Urbański may be compared to Joshua Redman. Like Redman Urbański is devoted to traditional jazz, uncompromised by unnecessary additions from musical genres other than this which he loves most. But what is most important this straight-ahead, mainstream and bop climate always sound fresh because the attitude of Urbański and his colleagues towards jazz is joyous, daring and adventorous. This new bunch of pirates arrived on Polish jazz scene that shall bring us many more treasures in following years!"

The other review might be going like that:
"To the music which we ancounter on Krzysztof Urbański debut album one may apply such terms as mainstream, straighthead and post bop. But also conservative, predictable, obvious. Well, perhaps, my  inclination toward free and improvised face of jazz speaks here for itself but although I admire technical capabilities of musicians involved in this project I still must confess that nothing on this record suprised me. I felt like all notes and tempos were perfectly executed but I could also forsee them for ages before and, worst of all, I have a strange feeling I already met them thousands times before. Listening to this excellent musicianship in progress I could not help but see some similarities between Urbański and Joshua Redman who also is technically stellar but sounds to me always secondary to his obvious masters in persons of John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins or Joe Henderson. Whether Urbański (and his cooperatives) will be able to deliver something more challenging over following years remains an open question...".
Strangely to say but I feel like both those positions are to some degree defendable in case of this album. If you want to judge by yourself please visit the site of Krzysztof Urbański and listen to some of his music:

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