Saturday, April 17, 2010

Brotzmann, Trzaska, Bauer - Goosetalks (2010)

This is a recording from one and only concert of this trio in Poland which took place in Dragon club in Poznań on  22th February 2008. A very special trio consisting of brass instruments: Peter Brotzmann (tenor/alto saxophones, tarogato, clarinet), Mikołaj Trzaska (alto-saxophone, bass-clarinet) and Johannes Bauer (trombone). Brotzmann, born in 1941, is an icon of European free jazz: ucompromised, aggresive and very creative he participated in countless free jazz projects in his career. He also always had an inclination toward Polish jazz and cooperated in 60ties with Tomasz Stańko. His relationship with Mikołaj Trzaska started at the begiining of this century when they created a band called North Quartet with top-rate rhythm section in person of  Peter Friis Nielsen and Peeter Uuskyla. Johannes Bauer is perhaps slightly less prominent figure than Peter Brotzmann but nonetheless he is top avant-garde and free jazz trombonist in Europe. He was born in 1954, was one of few significant jazz players in East Germany and after reunification of this country continued his distinguished carreer playing with such legendary formation in free jazz as Alexanders von Schlippenbach's Globe Unity Orchestra, Barry Guy's New Orchestra, Tony Oxley Orchestra or Cecil Taylor European Orchestra.

As for Mikołaj Trzaska in 90ties he was key figure in Tri-City yass scene with such ground-breaking groups as Miłość (Love) or Łoskot (Din). It is diificult to imagine without his that this revolutionary event as yass ever took place in Poland and tgrough this participation in this event he (among others) changed the history of Polsh jazz. Fortunately he did not stop there and is continously developing his music through cooperation with such foreign top players as Lester Bowie, Jean  Luc Capozzo or Joe McPhee. He also set up 1kilogram records company to forward his music to the lovers of free jazz in Poland and abroad (

As for music itself it is astonishing and I am sure will be interesting for all fascinated free jazz. It is very energetic, full of improvisations and yet surprisingly melodic. What I also like is that the album has idea: the musicians refer to the different birds' call. It is very inspiring, surprising and jouful attitude toward jazz :-) We have Goosetalk, Ducks Call, Two Birds In A Feather and even Peacock's Nighmare. Apart from those there is also a piece dedicated to Albert Ayler titled The 'Albert Is Missing' Signal which points out whom the musicians playing in this album treat as their main inspiration.  Those interested in samples of this music may found them on this site:,alb_id,20717,Goosetalks,Christian-Bauer-Mikolaj-T

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