Sunday, April 4, 2010

Adam Pierończyk Quartet - El Buscador (2010)

Born in Braniewo in Pomerania, living in Cracow, educated in Germany, exceptionally gifted tenor saxophonist Adam Pierończyk with support of American bassist Anthony Cox, Australian trombonist Adrian Mears and Polish drummer Krzysztof Dziedzic explore different places in world in search of musical inspiration. He pick ups what became an important tradition in jazz going back to late John Coltrane of venturing into East in search of spirituality, authencity and candour in music. Rather unsual move in Poland which is often treated as part of East itself but reflecting dramatic changes in country over last years. As we become more and more part of the West we lose gradually contact with the bedrock of our culture. Focused on money, career, status we build all materialistic world while estranging ourself from what is unconsciuos, irrational and childlike.

Certainly this music runs deeper than so many albums I reviewed on this site but it is only possible because it is executed in excellent way by musicians whose style fit one to each other perfectly. Adam Pierończyk deserves highest praise for being able to secure cooperation from artist of such a calibre while special gratitude shall also go to organizers of 2005 Leipziger Jazztage who gave Adam carte blanche to put together a project of his own for this event. Another bow also for Austrian Jazzwerkstatt record company who took on itself the task of printing this record which was accomplished perfectly. My strong recommendation!

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