Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rasz, Kucz, Kwiatkowski - Prenty (2012)

Rasz, Kucz, Kwiatkowski (band)

Robert Rasz - drumms, percussions
Konrad Kucz - Oriental and Western virtual instruments, loops
Mateusz Kwiatkowski - cello

guest: Krzysztof Brade - guitar samplings

Prenty (2012)

Human is not only a certain, rather peculiar, animal species but also an idea. I can imagine that it may once exist without homo sapiens although it would make me sad. Can machines be human? No. I don't think they ever will be. But perhaps they will snob to behave like human. At which area it seems possible? Perhaps music. To a certain degree it has already started. Ages ago it all began with human voice and later with instruments made of natural materials: pipe of reed, drum of skin or lira of tendons. Each epoch brings its own wave of instruments following slow development of industrial talents of human kind: organs, piano or saxophone. Finally new age of computers has come. Moore's law stating that the computing power doubles approximately every two years means also that at this insane pace doubles also possibilities in computer driven generation of yet unheard combinations of new sounds. If you like to check how creative the use of this technology may be I recommend you to listen to this album. 

It is a perfect mixture of industrial, ambient, modern dance and classical music with minimal yet important addition of jazz spontaneity and improvisation. Robert Rasz is a drummer and percussionist I have observed carefully for last couple of years. His versatility allows him to fit well as much in indie pop music projects (like with Gaba Kulka on excellent "Hat, Rabbit") or in avant jazz enterprises (like in fabulous "Afekty" recorded in trio with Wacław Zimpel and Wojtek Traczyk). Konrad Kucz is a composer and producer who specializes in ambient music (he also worked together with Gaba Kulka on her "Sleep Walk"). On this record he operated different Oriental and Western virtual instruments and created loops. Mateusz Kwiatkowski is classically trained cellist and composer who collaborated with Raphael Rogiński, Ksawery Wójciński or Paweł Postaremczak in ephemeral but interesting groups striving to enliven classical music with infusion of modern dance music.

It would be difficult to find three musicians of more different backgrounds yet creating music that coherent! In terms of mood it sounds as a soundtrack to would-be sequel to cult Ridley Scott "Blade Runner" movie. Disturbing, insane, ghastly: it conjures true magic causing alternately chills and ecstasy. It is true one of the most astonishing sonic adventures in Polish music last year!

Promo mix:

and a video clip to first track on this album:

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