Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Francesco Bruno 4et– Witam (2014)

Francesco Bruno 4et

Francesco Bruno - guitar
Pierpaolo Principato - piano
Luca Pirozzi - bass
Nicola Angelucci - drums
Piotr Wojtasik - trumpet (5,9)
Sylwester Ostrowski - saxophone (5,9)
Makoto Kuriya - piano



By Adam Baruch

This is the ninth album by the Italian Jazz guitarist/composer Francesco Bruno and his quartet, which also includes pianist Pierpaolo Principato, bassist Luca Pirozzi and drummer Nicola Angelucci. Two Polish Jazz musicians guest on couple of the album's tacks: trumpeter Piotr Wojtasik and saxophonist Sylwester Ostrowski and the Japanese pianist Makoto Kuriya guests on one track. The album presents nine original compositions, all by Bruno. The album's title is the Polish word for "Welcome" and reflects Bruno's special relationship with Poland, where he often performs with his quartet and Polish Jazz musicians.

The music is a beautifully melodic mainstream Jazz, mostly very lyrical and somewhat melancholic on the slow tempo numbers. The compositions contain traces of typical Italian melody lines, characteristic of gentle breezes, sunny shores and lovable wine, that we, Mediterranean people know how to enjoy. The music broadcasts "amare la vita", with its elegance, nonchalance and caressing notes, which are meant to please and lift the spirit of the listener, without sounding banal or corny.

Bruno has a very unique guitar sound, somewhat reminiscent of Pat Metheny but without the rough edge, and his quartet is an ideal vehicle for his melodic improvisations, with the pianist gently adding his highly harmonious ornamentations and the rhythm section elegantly steering the ensemble in the right direction. The guests also add some fine moments to the overall effort.

On the whole this is a pleasant, stylish and graceful musical effort, which should make the listeners happy and asking for more. I suppose it would be most enjoyable accompanied by a glass of wonderful red wine and gentle see breeze, but sitting by a fireplace in the midst of winter is definitely also an option. Grazie amici!

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