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Krzysztof Fetras - Caravan (Polonia Records, 1997)

Krzysztof Fetraś - guitar

Polonia Records, 1997

Krzysztof Fetraś has already recorded three albums: "Night In Praha - Live", "Impresje" and "Caravan" but is relatively unknown on Polish scene. He somewhat vanished from it few years ago although he from time to time appears in Tygmont Club in Warsaw or recently in Harris Bar in Cracow where he played with excellent rhythm section of Paweł Kaczmarczyk in persons of bassist Maciej Adamczak and drummer Dawid Fortuna (more about it here). He also took part in few jazz festivals like Jazz Jamboree or Letni Festiwal at Piwinica Pod Baranami but it was long ago. I also never was able to listen to any of his record so he was kind of tabula rasa for me. But, as I mentioned above, he recently has become active again and I deciced to learn more about his music which revelead to be original and more than satisfactory.

After listening to this record I do not wonder that it passed reletively unnoticed. It's not that it's bad - on contrary - it is interesing but for two reasons it is not easy to apreciate it. First, it starts with version of famous jazz standard "Caravan" that do not fit at all with rest of music on the album. From second tune  one track after another we go deeper and deeper in a world of very delicate and sesitive solo guitar playing by Krzysztof Fetraś. His voice is inspired by classical guitar which is however treated in typical spontaneuos and indiviual jazz way bringing music always melodic and very, very lirical. This poetic moments are by far the best on this album and I must say that starting from 5th track titled "Time for Children" and up to the end of this album (11 tracks altoghether), this music becomes so involving, misterious, dreamlike that I can only described it as brilliant. It's a pity that whole album is not kept in the same mood as it would gain on artistic unity. All the same I find this recording as rewarding one, keep on returning to it and I am happy that its author has plans for future as he is definitely one the most talented guitarist in Polish jazz...

Check 7th tune on this album titled "Czy pamiętasz 29 czerwca" (Do You Remember 28th June). Intriguing indeed...

Author of text: Maciej Nowotny

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