Saturday, September 3, 2011

Yanina - Free Wave (MTJ, 2011)

Yanina Free Band
Janusz Yanina Iwański - git, rain
Łukasz Kluczniak - as
Marek Pospieszalski - ss, ts
Marcin Lamch - bass
Przemek Pacan - dr

Yanina Free Wave (MTJ, 2011)

I hope this CD will be noticed as by our critics as by audience since it is yet another venture (after last year "Shhh!" by Nigel Kennedy Quartet) when well-known artist until now associated with other musical genre goes JAZZ and does it with a success! Nigel Kennedy has splendid career in classics and pop while Yanina is significant figure in history of Polish big beat, pop and first of all rock music. One must also realize that Yanina is a bit more ambitious since Kennedy chose mainstream language while Yanina explores fringes between mainstream and free jazz aesthetics. This is indeed daring move, very very seldom taken by mature artists and Yanina earns my great respect for it!

But it all would be impossible without excellent young musicians who surround him on this album: Łukasz Kluczniak on alto saxophone, Marek Pospieszalski on soprano and tenor saxophones (you can find him also on very good "Smells Like Tape Spirit" by Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet) and high quality rhythm section from Maciej Tubis Trio (check their "Live In Luxembourg") -  Marcin Lamch on bass and Przemek Pacan on drums. Those are young lads but they do swing as hell and Yanina finds in them perfect background for maturity, depth and sombre tone of his rocking guitar.

As for music it made very good impression on me: coherent, unhurried and rich improvisations one minute after another reveal itself before ears of astonished listener who up to this moment knew Yanina only from much more popular and simpler projects. With this band he shows talent and sensitiveness going well beyond those narrow limits and I can only wholeheartedly welcome him on Polish jazz scene where he not only clearly belongs but to which he may contribute a lot in years to come... My congratulations and recommendation! 

Check how excerpt from fine gig given by this band...

or the whole album on soundcloud: 

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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