Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Light Coorporation - Rare Dialect (ReR Megacorp, 2011) by Maciej Nowotny

Light Coorporation (band)
Mariusz Sobański - guitars
Michal Fetler - baritone saxophone, alto saxophone
Michal Pijewski - tenor saxophone
Robert Bielak - violin
Tom Struk - fretless bass
Milosh Krauz - drums

Rare Dialect (ReR Megacorp, 2011)

More and more the PR & commercial factors decide what we think about music. Let me give you an example: such albums of this 2011 year as Tfaruk's "Love Communication", Daktari's "This Is Last Song About Jews Vol. 1" or Contemporary Noise Sextet "Ghostwriter's Joke" got a lot of attention from critics and public but they are definitely no better than this one by Light Coorporation titled "Rare Dialect". Perhaps on contrary! But those three previously mentioned albums were much more aggressively advertised, more skillfully maybe. I wish Light Coorporation had the same support because their music certainly deserves it!
Musically verging between progressive rock aesthetics and jazz open structures it shall sound attractive to all those to whom name likes Jim Black or bands like Mars Volta sound familiar. Leader of the band is guitarist Mariusz Sobański whose guitar blends music with all originality and bravery necessary to make this recording memorable. He is accompanied by pack of young musicians that are completely unknown to me. They probably are altogether new faces in world of jazz but they play really well. Still I feel like there is plenty of space to make this music even better, more refined, more spontaneous, deeper. This space is created mostly by leader who composed whole music but other players do not always go along him: pulse might be more diversified, horns less obvious, violin more passionate but all in all this is definitely successful debut and my credit for Light Coorporation is extended to their next recording...
PS. I would also like to stress very decent level of recording and mixing of this music and exceptionally high level of publishing. 

Check video for music from this album:

Author of text: Maciej Nowotny

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