Thursday, September 15, 2011

Irek Wojtczak - Direct Memory Access (Nasiono, 2011)

Irek Wojtczak - reed isntruments
Tomasz Ziętek - trumpet

Direct Memory Access (Nasiono, 2011)

Irek Wojtczak, reedist, is player whom I hold in high esteem. Only recently he took part as sideman in such successful projects as free jazz "Freeyo" (2009) with Michał Goś and Wojtek Mazolewski, mainstream on Krystyna Stańko "Secretly" (2010) or ethnojazz Wojciech Staroniewicz "Afreakan Project" (2011). I only mentioned few out of many and it is then no surprise he came to conclusion that time has come for project under his own name. In this undertaking he is backed first of all by trumpeter Tomasz Ziętek who is not only playing on this album but also together with Wojtczak arranged more than half of all tunes. They are backed by magnificent pack of Polish jazz players with names like Przemek Dyakowski, Kuba Staruszkiewicz, Michał Goś, Adam Żuchowski, Piotr Mania, Tymon Tymański, Sławek Jaskułke, Leszek Możdżer, Dominik Bukowski appearing. The only musician not present here is Tomasz Stańko, I am joking of course, but judging by list of players who took part in this recording it should be one of the best albums in recent years. List of players is yet incomplete because "Direct Memory Access" provides kind of ethnojazz music we find here also quite numerous pack of Polish folk players, few musicians with African background and even a choir of Tibetan monks! And string quartet!! I wonder how Irek Wojtczak managed to finance this incredible cast? This is truly fantastic organizational achievement!!!
But from musical point of view it is unsatisfactory. Strange blend of music genders, featuring crowd of players, it leaves impression of chaos and lack of direction. Arrangements are pop-like, music is written to be easy-to-listen and one wonders for what purpose all these fantastic players were gathered here? To play such trivial, shallow and uncomplicated notes? Doubtful as doubtful is artistic effect of all this tremendous effort...

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