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2. Fortuna/Dys – Tropy 18
3. Mikrokolektyw – Absent Minded 15
4. Power Of The Horns – Alaman 14
5. RGG – Szymanowski 11
6. High Definition – Hopasa 10
7. Marcin Masecki – Polonezy 9
8. Wacław Zimpel Quartet – Stone Fog 8
9. Magnolia Acoustic Quartet – Boozer 7
10. Mazolewski/Gonzalez Quintet – Shaman 6


In all richness of different human types in Polish jazz there has been yet nobody similar like young trumpeter Damasiewicz. His imagination is boundless, his spirit free, his leadership charismatic and all these personal qualites of him reflect themselves in his music. He was the author of some of most interesting recordings of the year 2013 and one to be closely followed in future. (MN)
In spite of his young age Fortuna already established his position on the top of the Polish Jazz scene. He released several albums in the last year covering a diverse spectrum of music styles, genres and directions, from modern mainstream, free and even electronic music, all of which were excellent. And he plays some nasty trumpet like nobody else... (AB)

Dominik Wania
Only in 2013 pianist Dominik Wania released five albums, each of them bearing stamp of his individuality. His main asset is versatility which enables him to feel good as much in free jazz, rhythmical electro-jazz or in his own interpretations of Ravel miniatures. All of his recordings were characterized by the highest artistic level. (TL)


If there exists an accurate definition of ‘searching mainstream’ the music of N.S.I. Quartet may very well personify it. In their debut album we can find both solid technique, respect toward tradition, original compositions, good interplay AND open structure, breaking up well known schemes and spontaneity. (TL)

High Definition Quartet - "Hopasa" 
This release epitomizes everything that is great about Polish Jazz - it is excellent in every respect, it proves that a next generation of the musicians is already here, it shows that innovation is possible and not everything was already said, it is bold, uncompromising and honest. (AB)

International Jazzpocalypse - "Live in Torun" 
Every now and then there happens in Polish jazz a debut so good that it heralds the emergence of strong and unique personality that may join those who give direction to this music in our country. This is case with this album featuring among other fabulously talented artists young pianist Sebastian Zawadzki of whom I am sure we will hear more in years to come. (MN)


ForTune Records
The recording label ForTune which has been started in 2013 already managed to scoop up five out of ten albums on our Polish Jazz 2013 Top Ten list. They seem to have targeted and long-term strategy and if continue to pursue it this Warsaw-based company may become a publishing giant in few years time. (TL)

Classics Meet Jazz
The revival of interest in classics especially among young generation was a leading phenomenon in our jazz this year. It was a true marvel to observe how through their creative re-processing of the music of Bach, Lutosławski, Penderecki, Ravel, Scarlatti, Szymanowski and others it emerged as actual, fresh and inspiring. (MN)

Poeple Behind the Scenes
It goes to all the people behind the scenes, who make Polish Jazz happen but are rarely thanked and acknowledged: festival organizers, record producers, studio engineers, teachers at the music academies, managers, journalists, photographers, radio people, arrangers, club owners, and yes... music critics. Without these people there would be no scene and don't you forget it! (AB)

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